Sleeping Forest( 沉睡森林 ) - 王 歌词

Sleeping Forest( 沉睡森林 )
作词:JM.Icarus 作曲:JM.Icarus
人类为生存 人类为温暖
人类优越身份 万物之尊

同样为生存 同样为温暖
生来是为死去 苟延残喘

领会 生于世上 权力屠宰国度
血肉 堆积脚下 领土


You're taking away. You're taking away
Taking the all of me, the all of me
My flesh and blood on your dish, in your prayer
My skin and fur in fashion, taking the all of me

Life's on your line. I was doomed, left to die
Life's in your hand, I was sold, to the death
'Die at the proper moment'. That's such a beautiful saying

领会 生于世上 权力屠宰国度
血肉 堆积脚下 领土
俯首 生于世上 臣服唯一信号
尊享 天早注定 至高

Money makes money. Money made from me
Money making murder, always take the throne

The story of the death captured from the nature
The dead corpse left no where to be seen with your smile
Apex predator